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How to find out if your ex is on a dating site ?

Most of the time after a breakup, you tend to think about your ex-partner. What can he be doing? Has he met anyone else? Is he still thinking of you? These are all questions that invade people’s minds. To be sure, you need to take certain steps. For example, you can try to find out if your ex is on a dating site. How? Well, here are a few steps you can use to get your little investigations done and right away.

Identify the list of different dating sites

The first thing to do is to identify the different dating platforms. The most trendy sites that attract more people and that could seduce your ex. Nowadays, there is a multitude of sites for finding potential partners. Here are just a few dating sites where you can start your research.


Tinder is a dating site that allows you to like the profile of people you are interested in. You get a match when that person in return likes you too. After that, you have the opportunity to chat to get to know each other better. Usually, this site is frequented for casual relationships. So if you find your ex here, have no fear, it’s probably for fun.


Another site unfortunately used by Internet users for relationships without a future, purely sexual. Here it is the women who take the lead by selecting from their basket the men they want. A selected man will be able to deliberately come into contact with the one who would have chosen him. This is a site that makes it easy to meet people.


A dating site for serious relationships. If you find your former partner on this site, it’s definitely to turn the page for good. Respect her choice and move on, that’s the best you can do.

Register on different dating sites

After you identify the potential sites, you register on each one, and then you go and search for your ex’s profile. This will let you know whether your ex is on a dating site. In addition, you will get information this way if your partner is possibly on one of the sites.

Find your ex-partner on dating sites

Now that you are registered on the various sites, you can now carry out your little secret investigation. To do this, go to the search bar of each site. Then enter the identifiers of the person you are looking for (first and last name, place of residence, age, the type of partner your ex might be looking for).

You will really need a lot of patience because you will see a long list of people with photos. You will check the list to see if your ex is on it.

However, it’s possible that your ex-partner is using a nickname that you don’t know on the dating site. In this case, it will be necessary to discreetly conduct small inquiries with his relatives to find out more.

Here are detailed the different steps that will help you know if your ex-partner is on a dating site or not.