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How to get a student home contents insurance ?

In spite of the precautions taken to avoid losses in a dwelling house, the risks are always present. For this reason, it is recommended that students purchase home insurance.

What is the process for obtaining home insurance for students?

The guarantees offered by the insurers allow the policyholders to live with peace of mind. Within the framework of a dwelling house, eventual material damages can be guaranteed by an insurance adapted for this purpose. Beyond this basic offer, students renting accommodation for their studies must also foresee frequent claims. Indeed, the law requires that university students have a certificate of home insurance for students at their disposal. Otherwise, they will have to pay heavy compensation costs if the apartment is damaged. If this is the first time you have taken out this type of coverage, here are some tips on how to make it easy to get one.

What does this warranty cover?

It’s almost time to start a new academic year, so it’s time to make your To Do List in order to continue your studies at the university without any worries. Like your registration, the steps related to renting housing must be placed at the top of your list. To conclude your contract with the landlord, you need a certificate of student home insurance with your student card. But what does this policy cover?

Student housing insurance provides for rental risks in a rented apartment. In addition to paying for any costs associated with repairing the damage, this coverage will remain in effect throughout your studies. To find out about the basic offers put forward by the companies, you will find below the claims covered by this formula:

  • Fire damage to the empty or furnished rental property;
  • Flooding due to faulty installation or following a natural disaster;
  • Domestic explosion or terrorist attacks;
  • Broken glass.

Student home contents insurance: how to get it?

Students mistakenly think that insurance is not useful for them since they don’t have precious things to protect. However, the landlord does not share this opinion and only wants to rent his apartment to a trustworthy tenant. Therefore, before signing a contract, he will require a certificate validated by a mutual insurance company. In this case, here are the steps to follow to subscribe this insurance policy:

  • Select some mutual insurance companies among the professionals present on the market;
  • Find an offer according to your needs and your budget;
  • Ask for several personalized quotes based on the type of accommodation to be rented from the mutual insurance companies selected;
  • Compare the quotes of each company to get the cheapest offer.

To make things easier, don’t hesitate to use an insurance comparator to facilitate your search. With just one click, you’ll get a list of suitable coverage offers for the amount you choose.

What are the necessary documents to conclude the insurance contract?

The mutual insurance company will ask you to provide the following documents before issuing a quote:

  • Proof of identity;
  • A copy of your student card;
  • The type of accommodation to be insured and its size with the number of occupants.

For information purposes, changing residence will not necessarily cancel the home insurance contract. It is sufficient to transfer the contract to the mutual insurance company’s network in charge of the coverage. However, changing your status from student to worker is a reason to cancel the contract. In this case, you should change your status in order to obtain a new insurance policy in line with your new profile.