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How much will it take to install a swimming pool in your backyard ?

A swimming pool is a very popular entertainment environment for relaxation and relaxation. It can allow you to carry out several sports activities such as aqua gym, aquabike, sports swimming. You can reap these benefits by having this device built in your backyard. Here is the cost of installing a swimming pool in your backyard.

The cost of installing a steel pool in your backyard

Installing a steel pool costs less than installing others. Besides, there are two varieties of steel swimming pools and the price evolves according to their different shapes.

Above-ground steel pool

To install an above-ground steel swimming pool, you can spend at least 600 euros if you prefer the round shape. It will have 320 cm for diameter and 120 cm for height. If you need an installation with a diameter of 550 cm by 130 cm in height, then you will need to plan at least 1,200 euros.

For an oval or elongated above-ground steel pool, you will spend more. The minimum cost is 1,000 euros. Those looking for the dimensions of 940 x 475 cm by 130 cm high will have to spend up to 2,000 euros.

In-ground steel swimming pool

The in-ground steel swimming pool costs more than the previous one. In fact, you must have 5,500 euros to have a rectangular basin size built for the buried steel swimming pool. Measurements of 1000 x 500 cm by 110 cm high cost 8000 euros. Those that will be 1,200 x 600 cm by 110 cm high cost more than 10,000 euros.

The cost of installing the swimming pool in a modular kit

You can also install modular kit pools in your backyard if the costs and designs are right.

A professional can install a small swimming pool in a modular kit for around € 10,000. You can also choose the larger sizes which have many options. For these models, you can spend up to € 20,000. This price can sometimes see a slight increase depending on the professional you choose.

On the other hand, when you choose to install the modular pool on your own, you will spend around € 7,000 for the small models. Installing a high-end model can cost over $ 20,000. The characteristics of the basin are the aspects that will allow you to know the real price.

The cost of installing the modular panel pool

Like all the others, there are several models of modular panel swimming pools. For example, you will find swimming pools made of modular hexagonal wooden panels with an installation price starting from € 1,000.

There is also a modular composite panel swimming pool which costs € 6,000. The dimension of the latter is 6 m X 3 m. It will have a staircase. If you need a high-end modular composite panel pool, you will need to budget at least € 7,000.

There are also models built in reinforced concrete, the smallest area of ​​which is installed at € 7,000 with a ladder. For a basin made of modular panels measuring 7 mx 3.50 m, plan on at least € 8,000. You will have a complete installation with stairs.

In addition, you can also find several other types of swimming pools for your backyard at prices adapted to the models.