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How to install minecraft server addons ?

Minecraft is a popular building game on the internet. This game continues to appeal to thousands of internet users around the world. However, it is clear that some Minecraft enthusiasts find it difficult to install their server. This piece gives you some tips to allow you to easily install and use the Minecraft server.

Install Minecraft server from Java software (Minecraft Java Edition)

If you want to have access to Minecraft for this option, you will necessarily need to download the Java software. To do this, you must first deactivate the Internet firewall on your computer. This will be done by going to the manual download page where you will click on Windows online. After this action, you will see the “File Download” dialog box appear.

You will then be prompted to run or save the installer. So click on “Execute” then on “Save”. Find a location for the file on your computer, preferably on the desktop. To start the installation process, just double-click on the saved file. Then click once on “Install”. By downloading the Java game software, you systematically access the Minecraft server.

Install the Minecraft server from another server (Bedrock)

The Bedrock server is accessible on Linux Ubuntu and on Windows. For its installation, you must either have a small server at home or rent an internet server from a host such as Online, AWS or Microsoft Azure. Note that in the first case, it will be much easier for you to install the software. To install Bedrock, simply download the 250 MB archive available on the official Minecraft website. Since Bedrock is compiled software, it only works on x64 machines.

For Linus, you have to convert the downloaded archive from zip format to normal, then run your command by accessing the created directory. This action allows you to launch the Minecraft server. After this step, you will need to configure the server. It is carried out in two essential steps available in the “” file. These are the Server Port and the Max players. These two options will allow you to respectively define the listening port of the server and the maximum number of simultaneous users.

In addition to the options in the “” file, Bedrock offers two other configuration files. This is whitelist.json which allows filtering a list of visitors and permissions.json which gives you the monopoly of setting player permissions.

Now you need to connect your Bedrock server to the internet. This way your friends will be able to connect to your new server. Finally, to avoid any interruption to your server, the “sreen” command is recommended in order to start your server in a detached fashion.

The Minecraft server can be installed from Java software or from another server like the Bedrock server. The limitations of the former lie in the fact that it does not always provide us with the most recent versions of Minecraft. The second corrects the shortcomings of the first, but is not free from error. Bedrock’s configuration options are less efficient than Java’s. So, all you need to do is analyze the two options for installing the Minecraft server and make your choice.