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How install pipes from scrach for a bathroom ?

Moving into a new house or preparing an event are various occasions for which you may need to carry out works of renovation. As for the plumbing for the bathroom in your new home, if it is not installed, you must get it done as soon as possible. If your plumbing skills aren’t good enough, this guide will give you directions on how to install pipes from scratch for a bathroom.

Determination of the bathroom space

You must first determine the locations of the toilet, sink, and bath or shower. Then you will trace the route of the pipes. At the end of the tracing, you will drill holes, and you will dig grooves.

It is advisable to be sure of the final layout before starting work. You can trace the holes and the limits of the kerfs with a mason’s pencil. It is also recommended to measure again so as not to make a mistake. It is after all these precautions that you can start making the holes and trenches. If you need to shut off the water supply to your entire home, be sure to do its homework first. As a result, you will not deprive the whole household of water.

Before starting any plumbing work, you must turn off the water supply to the bathroom. You must find the shut-off valve or the valve to shut off the water. Without this shutdown of the water supply, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to install pipes in your bathroom.

Installation of water inlets

After drilling the holes and trenches, it’s time to tackle the plumbing, starting with the water inlets. In general, you need 5 water inlets: one for water and one for cold water in the bathtub, one inlet for hot water and one for cold water from the sink and finally an inlet of cold water for the toilet.

To do this, you need to drill either the walls or the floors of your house to access the pipes. It is important to note that access to the pipes depends on the layout of the house and the location of the bathroom.

The flexible pipes are used to connect the connections of the taps of the bath and the bathroom sink with the copper inlets. You need the two ends of the copper pipes to be soldered with sandpaper.

Finally, you weld the pipes on the main inlet.

Connection of drain pipes

After installing the water inlets, it is time to take care of connecting the drain pipes. First and foremost, it is important to note that bathroom waste pipes do not all have the same diameters.

For toilets, the drain pipes have a diameter between 100 and 125 mm. For a sink, the pipes have a diameter of 32 mm. And finally, for the bathtub or the shower, the diameter of the drain pipes is 50 mm. The drain pipes will be connected to the bath or shower, to the sink and to the toilet.