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What is team building in management ?

A good team is essential for the success of a project. Within a company, the team responsible for implementation must be reliable and efficient. The role of the manager or leader is to optimize the chances of success by shaping this shock team.

What is a management team?

A management team is a group of individuals selected in order to pool their skills for the realization of a project. It is only reunited on a temporary basis. Depending on the consistency of the project, employees can devote themselves exclusively to it for a period of time or carry out other activities in parallel. The team is constituted, shaped, and led by an individual who then takes the title of manager. The role of the latter is to form an efficient and productive group of individuals who understand the importance of the project entrusted to them. For this, it must be based on certain indications.

How does the team building work?

First, the manager must identify the needs of this project. Then, he puts them in parallel with the skills available within his company. Internal recruitment makes it possible to bring together people who already know each other. However, depending on the capacity of his employees and their reliability, the manager must carry out external surveys. For an easy task, the manager can, finally, establish a skill’s matrix associating the project tasks with the available human resources.

This tool also makes it possible to know the staffing needs. On the subject of the number of people, it is better to rely on a few fundamentals. Keep in mind that one of the goals of this step is to have a diversity of skills and ideas. However, too many participants lead to management difficulties. Five or six employees are already sufficient for a medium-sized project.

How important is team building in management?

Team building allows the manager to develop an organization chart assigning each individual a specific role in accordance with the objectives. Each participant has individual goals and then knows their functions and responsibilities within the team. This helps to save time to devote more time to important activities. In addition, one of the principles of team building is to provide its employees with all the necessary means for the success of their tasks.

The manager supports the team in a way that allows them to feel motivated and to be more productive. With such an organization, he will also be able to follow the project as it goes along while ensuring the autonomy and then the freedom of the team. By making regular evaluations of the tasks accomplished, the manager must make critical assessments at the individual and collective levels. This operation helps to make constructive criticisms to improve the work of the team.

In addition, team building is only effective if there is communication as fluid horizontally as vertically. The manager must encourage everyone to share their ideas with them as well as with the other members of the team. In management, team building consists of bringing together, within a group, a set of know-how to carry out a concrete project. This task also requires, on the part of the manager, an enormous sense of leadership and communication.