You have to know : a website that helps you to be smarter

Everyone wish they could be smarter. And you are probably one of them. Did you know that it was possible, with some simple exercises, to be really smarter et raise your IQ ? In this article, you will discover how you can improve the power of your brain, the most important tool that we all have. You want to learn more ? Then, keep on reading.

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Enrich your vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary will allow you to be smarter. How to make up for your vocabulary deficit ? Read a book before sleeping. During lunch break, do not hesitate to read newspaper .During your commute, find an interesting article, or follow the reading of your book. This will help you to have a better language. Your speech skills will also be improved, and you will have better conversation. Your writing will be more fluent. This is what reading can give you.

Train your brain everyday

To raise your IQ, you have to train your brain every day. Here are some tricks that will help you: Video games : it’s true, video games can help you to solve a problem more quickly. It has been proven : people who play video games have a better logic skil. Do some arithmetic : you have a calculation to do ? The, ban the calculator. You have to find the solution. Doing mental arithmetic will help you increase the power of your brain

Diet : very important in order to get smarter

It’s true, your diet has a large part to play in raising your IQ. As you might know, your brain needs a lot to work. Then, you have to give it enough nutriments. So, it’s very important to have a rich diet, with fruits, vegetables, starch. Avoid meat, sugar or salt. This is not good for you heart, and for your brain too ! Now you know which solutions can be taken, to improve your brain power and raise your IQ. We hope that you will take the step to get smarter !