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How long to have a passport for the USA ?

Do you feel like traveling and need a US passport? The US passport application process is different whether you are inside the country or not. For this, the processing time is constantly varying. The latter depends on the procedure initiated to obtain it. Find out more on this subject here.

USA Passport: Routine Application

When you make a routine request, it implies that you don’t have a travel plan for the next few days. You still have more than 3 months before your trip. If so, then the routine request is right for you. To do this, simply subscribe to your passport application and wait until it is ready.

For this type of request, it is issued within 10 to 12 weeks. This routine service saves you between US $ 55-65. To make this request, contact an acceptance center for an in-person request. You can also make the request or renewal request by email.

USA Passport: Expedited Application

You can use this option when your trip is within the next 4-10 weeks. You submit your request to an acceptance center or by email. To do this, complete the form corresponding to the acceleration means used. In addition to the normal passport application fee, you must add US $60 for the cost of the acceleration process. After that, you can submit the actual request for consideration. Your passport will reach you within 4 to 6 weeks. Find and book an appointment as needed at the acceptance center closest to you to submit the request.

USA passport: Urgent request

When you have an urgent business trip or a life-and-death situation, you can apply for a visa urgently. You must approach life or death emergency services, or urgent travel services to justify yourself and provide proof of the urgency of your trip. If you are eligible for this type of service, you sign up for your application and your passport will be ready within 72 hours. A maximum of three days will therefore elapse between the application request and the issuance of your passport.

Some important tips

For an enjoyable experience, when submitting your passport application, follow it through the online service designed for the cause. They are put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

You can subscribe to the service of delivery agencies so that your passport is delivered to you in time for your trip. This within 1 to 2 days. You therefore reduce your trips and your passport will reach you at home.

We advise you to apply as soon as possible as soon as you know a trip is underway. This adopted security measure depends on the increase in cases of COVID-19 disease, acceptance centers are limiting appointments to a strict minimum. So apply early to be received on time.

The processing time for your passport application depends on the urgency of the trip. Have a good experience!