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What chapter in english in the quran do you read on friday ?

In Islam, Friday is considered the most distinguished day of the week for the virtues and merits attributed to the believer who performs acts of worship there. Certain suras in the holy book of Islam are associated with this day which begins at sunset on Thursday. Here are the suras to read on Friday.

Surah No. 99 – Al Zilzaal

According to remarks reported by Ibn Abbas (RA), Prophet Muhammad SAW would have recommended the recitation of Surah Zilzaal on Thursday evening after the Magreb prayer. The believer should read the sura during a prayer of 2 rakaah (prayer units). In each rakaah, one should recite Surah Al Fatiha once, followed by 15 Al Zilzaal. The benefits that are associated with this prayer are the ease of facing the torments of death, crossing the Bridge of Hell (Siraat), as well as protection from the punishments of the grave.

Surah N ° 18 – Al Khaf

Surah Al khaf “the cave” is one of the most read by believers on Friday. It gives the person speaking his verses a spiritual light (An Noor) which he retains until the next Jummah. In other words, it’s glowing protection that comes with it between two Fridays. These words are reported by the companion of the Prophet SAW, Abu Saeed Khudri (RA).

Sura 87 – Al A’laa

It is recommended that you read Surah Al A’laa on the eve of Jummah. It can be replaced by any other sura from the Musabbihat: starting with the words “Sabbaha”. You can therefore recite Suras 17, 59, 61, 62, 64 and 87 instead. Prophet Muhammad SAW repeated this practice before falling asleep. On the other hand, Sura Al A’laa is the one chosen for the prayer of the second rakaah of the Jummah prayer, in the Sunnah.

Sura No. 44 – Dukhan

The person who reads chapter 44 of the Koran, Al Dukhan on the night of Thursday to Friday will have the privilege of having 70,000 Angels who ask Allah to grant him Forgiveness. According to Abu Hurayrah again, the recitation of this surah on Friday gives the believer a home in Heaven. The latter will also be among those reassured by Allah on the Day of Judgment, if he recites the verses of this chapter in his obligatory and supererogatory prayers, according to Abu Hamzah al-Thamali. Indeed, his account book will be delivered to him in the right hand and his interrogation will be less distressing.

Surah N ° 2- Al Baqarah

Al Baqarah is cited among the suras of the Koran recommended on Friday by the Prophet (SAW). Reading it on this holy day entitles you to benefits equal to those located between seventh earth and seventh heaven. Preferably, you should read it on the eve of Jummah. It has the same blessings as Surah Al Imraan. These are both chapters of the Quran called Zah’raa’wain that must be read on Thursday night.