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How long does it take seo optimization to update ?

SEO is a term for a set of methods used to improve the positioning of a website on the main search engines. It is therefore a compendium of techniques that can improve the visibility of websites. However, SEO results are only noticeable after a while. So how long does it take for SEO optimization to update?

How often Google search results are updated

It is important to consider how long it takes for the SEO optimization to update. However, first, it is necessary to know how often Google refreshes the search results. Concretely, there is no exact frequency. It all depends on the thoroughness and speed with which your page changes are found and processed by the search editor. So how does Google find your website? The answer to this question makes it possible to strategically determine the frequency of updates.

Google uses a special robot (Googlebot) to crawl the entire web. The purpose of this exploration is to find and collect information, relevant or not, to add to its index. In reality, Googlebot software is a compilation of two different crawlers. Each of these robots tries to find new information and updates on websites, in order to make a reliable report to Google.

The Google Search Console tool allows you to view exploration statistics. So you can see when Google last visited your website. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a standard frequency for Google search results updates.

Reduce indexing time with analysis and monitoring tools

SEO optimization may take some time to be considered by Google. This period can vary from one day to several weeks or even several months. To reduce the time it takes for updates to take effect, you can add some tools to your site that SEO experts are used to using.

Google analytics

One of the most used tools by SEO professionals is Google Analytics. Don’t hesitate to add it to your site to properly track its progress. Google Analytics allows Google robots to alert that a website is ready to be indexed. It drastically reduces the time it would normally take for the search engine to index your site.

Google Search Console

Like Google Analytics, this tool also makes it easier to track your site’s SEO. Google Search Console is free and monitors the status of websites in the index. It also monitors Google search results. It is a good idea to always add your sites to Search Console, as it attracts the attention of the search engine.

Finally, by submitting a sitemap and a URL inspection request, SEO updates are taken into account by Google faster. After making significant changes to your website, request URL inspection. You can even request 10 URL crawls per day. When all of these techniques are deployed on a site, the update can occur within a week of SEO optimization.